Getting the cost allocation of IT services right and driving efficiencies with DRYiCE ROAR


September 29, 2022

Enterprise IT is responsible for continuous service availability across all lines of a business. While the IT team
executes this daunting task effectively, the business divisions pay for those consumed services. Together with
finance, IT determines accurate cost allocation across departmental cost centers based on data with respect to assets and configuration items used by each business line.

Are you able to allocate costs across departments accurately?

In today’s complex technological landscape, enterprises are faced with the prospect of maintaining accurate inventory of IT assets and configuration items that are in use across different departments of the organization. Despite having the best asset management solutions and maintenance of CMDB, the data is often inaccurate and invariably leads to multiple challenges like improper cost allocation, poor procurement planning, and missed maintenance schedules. Leading analysts have observed the following:

  • On average, organizations use eight tools for inventorying assets
  • It usually takes 86 person-hours to generate an asset inventory from a combination of tools

  • 44% of organizations claim that their asset discovery tools don't support many of the connected devices

  • Only 55% of organizations can generate a comprehensive asset inventory monthly or more frequently


-How to Successfully Choose an IT Asset Discovery Tool for Service Dependency Mapping - Published 6 July 2021 - ID G00749710, Gartner

Adding multiple discovery tools for appropriate devices has failed to generate a comprehensive inventory. It is therefore an enterprise imperative to embrace new-age, technology-enabled decision making through automation and accuracy.

The various benefits offered by DRYiCE ROAR

A leading IT services company in the pharmaceutical sector derived significant value by deploying DRYiCE ROAR in its infrastructure. Some of those benefits are:

  • Discovery of 50% additional CIs compared to manually discovered inventories

  • 500+ man-hours saved by automated reconciliation

  • 100% auditability with a single view for all stakeholders


DRYiCE ROAR creates a single source of truth by processing data of assets and configuration items in the IT environment. By processing data from various IT and OT tools, DRYiCE ROAR drives the accuracy of downstream applications.

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Debasis Roy

Debasis Roy, DRYiCE Service Orchestration Product Management

Versatile IT professional offering a career of over two decades of experience in Sales and Marketing, Business Development of IT and Business software applications. He has been with HCL DRYiCE for the last three years and currently heads DRYiCE Service Orchestration Product Management, leading the team to develop, strategize and manage product lifecycle with a clear roadmap and go-to-market solutions across customer verticals, including enterprise and managed/cloud service providers for orchestration products. Prior to HCL, Debasis has worked in Sales and Business Development roles at Oracle, IBM, HP, and Wipro.